OVMS incoming 5th Grade Information and Tour

Dear Future OVMS Parents:


I hope this letter finds you in a good place both physically and emotionally. The past few weeks have been unusual for all of us… for sure! My name is Michael Fester and I am the very proud Principal of Old Vail Middle School.

One of my favorite days of the school year is when our 5th grade students come visit us during the school day. They take a short tour of the campus and then I get to meet and speak with them for the first time. The students are SO excited to visit… actually beyond excited and somewhat anxious about their new school. Their 5th grade teachers get to tour the campus with them and make the transition a little more easy.  Later that same evening, we would capitalize on all the enthusiasm and momentum from the tour of the campus earlier in the day. All the parents and students would return to the OVMS Campus and pile into our gymnasium. I would present some information, you would get introduced to our incredible teaching staff, and you would get to tour the campus with your child. It’s truly a great day on our campus!

Obviously, we are not able to do any of that in person this year but we weren’t going to let that stop us from properly welcoming our future students and parents.  Below, you will find a myriad of links to resources. I will be the first to admit that NOTHING is better than the real thing, but we did our best to capture the important aspects of OVMS. A little bit into gathering and creating all the parts of this package, I realized that the best thing about Old Vail Middle School is the people… and I haven’t found ANY technology that can quite capture that personal feeling. But… here is our best effort! 


  • Tour our campus with Mr. Fester and Mrs. Johnson. (Running time: 12:04)


  • Some general information from Mr. Fester. (Running time: 21:30)



  • Old Vail Middle School from a “Hawk’s Eye View. (Running time: 2:20)


  • We love our school and our OVMS stuff… Have your student earn some OVMS swag by answering a couple questions. (Google Form)



  • If you want to request a particular team (or teacher) for your child… complete this form! (Google Form)


  • Returning registration information!  Very important to update Infosnap (Powerschool) and Caredox every year. (PDF Copy)


  • Parent involvement is key to a child’s success in middle school. We have a very active and AMAZING PTSA. Sign up now for next year… we will collect registration fees later. (Google Form)


  • We thrive off of the energy from our OVMS Volunteers! It is never too early to start considering becoming one of our regular (or occasional) volunteers. (Link to OVMS Website)


We can not wait to have kids back on campus and we are definitely excited to meet your child as soon as we can get back together.

Old Vail Middle School is a unique school full of character, tradition, high expectations, and rich in culture and tradition. More than anything, we pride ourselves on the relationships we make with our students and families. The staff members at Old Vail Middle School view themselves as a family… a big, quirky, fun family. Welcome to the family!



Michael Fester