Henry the Hawk Daily Videos…

Henry the Hawk misses baseball!Happy Monday!Henry the Hawk is wondering what is happening!?!?! Where are all the students?

Watch some of Henry’s Shenanigans around the OVMS campus!

Just another TikTok Tuesday


Happy Monday Hawks!


Henry wanted to Tik Tok his way into the weekend!

Henry the Hawk misses baseball!

Are you ready for some football!

Happy Monday!

Have a great weekend!

Henry is dreaming about taking a vacation…maybe Paris!

Have you checked into your math class today???

Meet Sandy Townsend!


Happy Monday!

Hawks, don’t try this at home…unless you agree to clean up any mess you make!

Congratulations OVMS Cheer on your amazing season!


Congratulations OVMS Girls Basketball Championship Team

Henry the Hawk has a case of the Mondays : (

Henry the Hawk Kiki Challenge

Henry the Hawk joins the Archery Team

Henry the Hawk Packs up the library

Henry the Hawk lunchtime Shenanigans


Henry the Hawk hopes you have a safe and healthy weekend!


Henry the Hawk is racing to lunch to find his fellow Hawks!

Henry the Hawk is missing his students!

Henry the Hawk….take a moment to stop and smell the flowers

Henry the Hawk at the Library

Henry the Hawk….Where are all the Students???