DC Packing Suggestions

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Packing Suggestions

                                                   What should I bring with me?

*Personal Hygiene items: brush/comb, toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo, soap, etc.
*Pants, jeans, school appropriate shorts are ok.  Enough clothes for 4 days (you can always wear the same jeans twice) layered clothing is best.
* Tylenol and/or other OTC meds are up to you and your parents. We do not dispense or hold these types of meds for students.
*Pajamas that are presentable-no holes or short shorts! Slippers too!
The dress code of OVMS will be strictly enforced with the addition of
NO SWEATS, LEGGINGS or ATHLETIC WEAR. You many NOT wear leggings, sweats/athletic wear on the airplane either.  Show up at the airport prepared for a day of travel.If you are not wearing appropriate clothing, you will not be allowed to get on the bus each morning.
*NO FLIP FLOPS!! while on tour Comfortable walking shoes.  We walk about 10-12 miles a day.
*Light jacket or sweater.  (It can be chilly in the morning and evening)
*Small umbrella
*small backpack or drawstring bag for snacks, water, camera, phone. You assume full    responsibility for these items.
*money for souvenirs. We will not keep your money for you.