Site Council

Site Councils are an important part of the way Vail schools are run. Each school has a site council consisting of parents, classified staff, and certified staff elected to ensure all stakeholders are represented in the school decision making process. Site councils meet once a month to review and make decisions about things like class sizes, fundraisers, school activities, teacher pay incentives, and much more. Members of the community are always welcome at site council meetings. Meeting are usually held on the second Tuesday of each month.


Site Council Representatives

Julia Kaiser-Principal 
Courtney Young-Assistant Principal
Steve Jones-OVMS Parent
Liz Kersey-OVMS Parent
Niki Zarris-Vagts-OVMS Classified Rep
Michele Rottler-OVMS Certified Rep
Jodi Metzger-OVMS Certified Rep
Michelle Burton-OVMS Parent
Mark Baughman-OVMS Parent