Raising Expectations

According to the Vail School District’s Raising Expectations document, if a students receives any of the following, he or she will need to serve 12 hours of remediation for each item that occurs:

  • Failing a core class: math, language arts, science or social studies
  • Failing the math or reading benchmark test
  • 9 or more absences for the semester

It’s important to help your child be successful in serving his or her remediation hours. Set up a schedule with your child to make sure he or she is attending remediation weekly until all hours of remediation have been served.

If your child owes remediation hours, here are a several important answers to questions you may have:

How did my child receive his or her hours of remediation?

There are three ways a student can receive 12 hours of remediation. If a student fails a core class (math, science, language arts, or social studies) in a quarter, if a student fails the reading or math quarterly benchmark, or if a student has nine or more absences within a semester, he or she will be given 12 hours of remediation.

What is the purpose of these 12 hours of remediation?

The goal of remediation is to make sure your child gets the help he or she needs in the content area in which he or she is struggling.

What does my child have to do to make up the hours?

If a child is in reteach for math or language arts, he or she can also receive hours toward remediation in those classes, if determined by the teacher to be eligible for enrollment in the class. Students can also receive hours by attending Saturday School and after-school tutoring.

Whose responsibility is it to remind my child to make up his or her hours owed?

Each student is aware of how many remediation hours he or she owes. If a child is uncertain, he or she needs to ask any of his or her teachers. It is up to the parent and student to make sure the remediation hours are completed by the designated date at the end of the school year.

What will happen if my child does not make up the hours?

According to the Vail School District’s Raising Expectations document, if a child still owes remediation hours at the end of the school year, he or she will be retained.