Office Policy

School Hours:

School is in session from 8:00 a.m. until 2:55 p.m. Students should not be on the school grounds before 7:30 a.m. unless arrangements have been made for supervision. Students are not allowed to stay after school unless they are involved in a school sponsored organized activity. If a student does not follow these rules, parents will be contacted to pick up the student.


OVMS is involved with the ACT NOW program through the County Attorney’s office. This program is designed to help reduce truancy in Pima County schools. Punctual and regular attendance is very important to a student’s success in school. If it is necessary for students to be absent, the parent or guardian is requested to complete our attendance form below before 9:30 a.m. Students are responsible for making arrangements to complete work that was missed during an absence.


Visitors and guests must sign in at the office before visiting the campus or classroom. Parents are always welcome.


Homework at OVMS is assigned for two purposes:

1. Practice and reinforce skills learned during regular class time.

2. Apply skills learned in class and broaden the scope of understanding. The first type of homework is assigned to students on a daily basis and is generally due the next day – it may be possible for students to accomplish these assignments at school. The second type is usually accomplished with the assignment of projects that may take several weeks to complete. Homework is expected to be turned in on time. Accepting late work is up to the discretion of each individual teacher. Students will have one day to make up assignments for every day they are absent.

Homework Requests:
Homework requests can be made through the office. Please call the office before 9:30 a.m. Homework requests may be picked up the following day. Homework requested to be sent home via another student will also be sent home the following day.

School Property:
Chromebooks, agendas, and athletic uniforms are the property of the Vail School District and loaned to students subject to the following conditions:

1. To be used only by the students to whom issued and not transferred to any other students.

2. To be returned when requested or at the time of the withdrawal if the student leaves before the end of the year.

3. If the materials are damaged in excess of reasonable wear or are lost, the student must pay for replacement.

4. Student Chromebooks will be going home with your child. These Chromebooks should remain with students until the end of the school year or until withdrawn from the school site or district. OVMS has additional loaner Chromebooks for students to use should a student forget their Chromebook at home or need their assigned Chromebook charged.

Student Services Coordinator:
A Student Services Coordinator is available to help students and parents with most any problem. Students can schedule an appointment before, after school, or during lunch. 879-2406.

The nurse will dispense medications to students only as prescribed specifically for that student by a physician. When brought to school, all prescription, or over the counter medication must be in the original labeled container and must be given to the nurse. They must be accompanied by written permission from parents. To speak to our health aide, Mrs. Madrid, please call: 879-2410.

An outstanding collection of books and reference materials are provided in the library. Students are encouraged to use these materials as frequently as possible. The library/media technician, Mrs. Daniels, is available to help you in finding materials or directing you to appropriate resources.

Evacuation/Lock Down Drills:

These drills will be held periodically so that when a safety situation arises, whether it be in or out of the classroom, our students are prepared and know what to do. Evacuation drills are when the student evacuates the building and lock down drills are when a student stays inside the classroom.