8th Grade Promotion Info 2021

OVMS 8th Grade Parents & Guardians:


The end to this (challenging) school year brings about a small return to normalcy for our 8th grade students.  Nothing is quite as exciting as the pomp, tradition, and fun of the 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony. The ceremony this year will be held at Cienega High School in the Cienega Stadium.  The ceremony will begin at 7:30pm on Thursday, May 27, 2021.  


We have had to move the ceremony outdoors to Cienega High School for logistical and safety reasons.  We are a very large school… with a bunch of 8th grade students.  In fact, right now, we are the second largest school in the district, so it should not come as a surprise that we are holding our promotion exercises outside, similar to a high school. 


Here are some more details…


  • Each promoting student will be assigned three tickets (wristbands) that are individually numbered and assigned to a student. More information will be forthcoming about the ceremony and about ticket distribution.
  • There will be a very limited number of “extra” tickets available for larger families or special circumstances. More information regarding this process will be forthcoming.
  • The good news is that parking should be a lot more plentiful at Cienega than it has when we have held Promotion here at OVMS.  I still encourage carpooling whenever possible.
  • Even though the ceremony will be outside, appropriate face coverings will need to be worn by all students and people in attendance in the stadium.
  • For interested parties that would like to view the ceremony from the comfort of their home or workplace… The 8th grade Promotion Ceremony will be live-streamed.
  • A couple other important 8th grade dates and times…
    • 8th Grade Dance
      • Friday, May 21 – 6pm
      • In the OVMS Courtyard (Outside event)
    • 8th Grade Celebration
      • Tuesday, May 25 – During the school day
      • Outside events, food, inside small groups activities, etc.


We are very excited to celebrate this transition from middle school to high school with you and your family!




Michael Fester